Basic concept

"HullK" The design concept is aimed at a minimalisitc polar approach to minimise partcount and therefore buildtime and the overall price. The printed parts are as much combiend as possible so you don´t have to assemble countless parts with tons of screws. There are plans to integrate a photogrammetry based 3D-Scanner. The rotating buildplate is perfect for automated photography patterns. The camera will most likely be a raspi cam v2 because of the full control of the cam parameters through the API, that also enables automatic upload of the pictures to a more powerful host PC for calculations. The printquality turned out good for a printer that size and the used polar concept.


  • Create electronic housing placed on the X-Axis
  • Counterweight string system to ease the Z Steppers and allow for smaller ones.
  • Stronger bed mechanics for higher accelerations and bigger prints.
  • Stronger fans including mount for higher print speed with vulcano
  • Handle continuous rotation and negative values in Klipper firmware - working in newest Klipper Version!
  • Mount for Raspicam2 and Python script with Picture upload to Nextcloud
  • Gcode Generator for 3D-Scanning or Klipper macro with variable settings like height and width of intended object to scan.
  • Integrated diffuse lighting for scanning

Part overview, used in the current PoC


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